Hi! I'm Thaynara - a new volunteer from Portugal :)

My name is Thaynara and I’m a new volunteer in RADKA in Kadan.
My first week was better I have  imagined. I will start with my first impression of the Organization:
First I have to congratulate the people that work there, that were so kind and warm to welcome me and make me feel part of the team.
In my first week I had the chance to observe, to attend to every activitie and eventually, even create a future project for myself.
The Organization is fulfill with activities from dance, arts to swimming and English classes, but what got my attention is how every activitie create a possibility to parents to participate. You see, most of classes, the parents are present somehow, and you can see a very strong bond between the children and parents. Beside that approach of developing children capacities, the activities are very wide, what makes every day different and exciting, not only for the children, but also for the workers and myself.
Besides the children, the Organization also has English classes to adults on the afternoon, what expands your power of action to a different group of people.
About Kadan I can say is a little, beautifull and cozy town. I can say I’m loving this far, and I’m taking the best of it! The old town, the walkside next to the river - the ideia of a cozy city so next to the nature got me enchanted, and I can’t wait to discover more on this journey!



  1. Odpovědi
    1. Přeji spoustu dalších pozitivních zkušeností a zážitků :)

  2. It´s so great to have you here. :-)

  3. Super, je krásné mít zde tak pozitivní a zajímavou osobu :) Přeji krásný čas a těším se na společná setkání. Jana :)